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  • Joy Vanleuvan
    518-846-7131 Ext. 114

    I started my career in Sales after graduating from college in 1986.  My father Ronald Roberts, who was the Dealer Principal/President, thought it would be short lived and stuck me in a corner of the showroom with no phone and a hand-held calculator.  After many sales, he realized that I was serious about my desire to work in the auto industry, and that I was good - good enough to earn a phone and an office.  I loved being at the dealership! As time and the hard work went on, I was promoted to Sales Manager and then General Manager. In 2012 after the passing of my father, I became the Dealer Principal/President. Every day I strive to carry on my father's legacy of "Making Customer's for Life" and continuing to grow our business.  I am very proud of how many times we have won Ford's most prestigious President's Award for customer satisfaction, totaling over 29 awards.  I truly LOVE what I do; I love who I work with and most of all I LOVE our Riley Ford Family of customers who make it possible.     

    On a personal note I have been married to my high school sweetheart Barton for 32 years.  We have 2 beautiful daughters Jenna and Jessica who I am blessed to work with.  Jenna is the Service Manager and General Manager and Jessica is the Business Manager.  They are both married to wonderful men and they have blessed us with our beautiful grandchildren. Jenna and Matt have 3 children - Madyson, Joel, and Makenzie. Jessica and Bryce have 2 children, Karson and Hayden.     

    "I enjoy spending most of my free time with my family."     

  • Sean Winters
    518-846-7131 EXR 122

    Sean Winters


    I started in the auto industry a few years out of high school in 1998. I have nearly 20 years experience with many manufacturers, but the longest with Ford.  I have spent most of my time in sales, but I spent a few years as a Service Advisor, and a few more running the day-to-day operations of the used car department for a Ford dealer in Massachusetts.

    Speaking to that, my family and I recently moved to Plattsburgh from Southeastern Massachusetts. I've been married to my wife Erin since 2010 and we have 2 children; Mia and Elijah. I grew up on the water, sailing and swimming. When the weather permits, you're likely to find me at the beach with the family, or on the disc golf course.

  • John Lawton
    518-846-7131 EXT 118

    Originally from the Binghamton area, I started my sales career in 2014 after graduating from Plattsburgh State.  I came to Riley Ford in July of 2020.  The experience I had walking into the dealership for the first time is exactly why I wanted to be a part of the team here.  The friendly and positive environment is infectious, and I am proud to be able to showcase that to our customers throughout not only their buying process, but their entire ownership experience.   


    I married my wife Kayli in 2017. We have two daughters Luci and Molli, and a 4 legged dog-ter Zola. I am a big hockey and college football fan (NY Rangers & Oregon Ducks). In the fall and winter, you will find me in front of my TV "coaching" my teams and in the summer you can find me on the boat.

  • Emily Miller
    Service Advisor
    518-846-7131 EXT 174

    I have been in the automobile service industry since March of 2018 and have been a part of the Riley Ford family since August 2020. My customer service experience started in college, where I went to school for psychology and personal training.  I also worked for the Plattsburgh State Field House, scanning tickets, and getting to know the regulars who attended all the games. Talking to people hasn't always come easy to me, but the more I worked in the service department the easier it became, and I love what I do.

    When I'm not at work, you can find me at home on the couch, trapped there by anyone (sometimes all 3) of my dogs. We have a 95lb German Shepherd mix named Dallas, a 65ish pound Boxer mix named Lola, and Moki, my 15lb poodle mix, he is easily the biggest culprit of this snuggle trapping. If we're not at home, my boyfriend Josh and I are most likely at the beach with the dogs, no matter the season.

  • Jenna Seguin
    Service Manager
    518-846-7131 Ext. 121

    Most people don't have the pleasure of saying that they love what they do. I can wholeheartedly say that I love my job. I love the industry, I love the people I work beside, and I love the customers I have met along the way. My role here at the dealership has evolved from filing alongside our comptroller, to salesperson, to Service Manager, and now also General Manager. Along my journey of the things I love the most about my job, the people I have met are at the top of my list. Personally I strive every day to do what we can to help each and every customer.  At the end of the day what sets us aside is how we treat our customers, who are more like our family. 

    On a more personal note, I have been married to my husband Matthew since 2011 and am the proud momma of three children, Madyson, Joel, and Makenzie.  We enjoy spending time together as a family and I love seeing the progression our children are making as their own little people.   Madyson, Joel, and Makenzie have completed my husband and me.  We work hard to set good examples for them as the kind of people we want them to be in life. I want them to see how good life can be, how we can help others along the way, and how hard work and determination will pay off. 

  • Jessica Hanson
    518-846-7131 Ext 112

    I have been a part of Riley Ford since 2013. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, I was working in the office as a title clerk while pursuing my master's degree. When it came time to really move forward with my education, it was difficult for me to imagine leaving the people I have known my entire life; my Riley Ford family. The Riley Ford family, to me, is just as much the people who work here as it is the customers that make us as great as we are. Being a part of this dealership means being a part of the legacy my grandfather began. I strive to continue to provide a place where people can come to purchase one of the biggest investments of their lives, a place built upon trust, integrity, and compassion.  The auto industry has evolved and with that we have grown in tremendous ways, but the way we take care of our customers will remain the same. Come be a part of the excitement, a part of the Riley Ford family!

  • Jane Dubrey
    Office Manager

    Hi my name is Jane, sometimes known as jungle Jane, crazy Jane or Aunt Jane. I have been here at Riley Ford for the past 37 years beginning when my dad, Ron Roberts, asked me if I wanted to work at the dealership.

    Starting in 1981, I began working all over the dealership; I helped in the Parts department, washed cars in the reconditioning department, and went on dealer swaps.  A few years later, I started learning how to do paperwork in the office.  That included doing DMV paperwork and getting the contracts ready for the customers picking up their vehicles. I love my job and always have. I enjoy getting to see the customers I have known from the time I started, and I enjoy getting to know our new customers as well.

  • Anthony Roberts
    Sales Manager
    518-846-7131 Ext. 119

    After 20 plus years working in auto sales, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from many different people.  None of them had more impact on my life or career then my uncle, Ron Roberts and my dad, Gerald Roberts.  The lessons I was exposed to every day have sculpted who I am today.  When I asked my dad to teach me the car business this is what he said; "Don't judge a book by its cover, treat everyone you encounter the same, and don't ever tell someone you are going to do something unless you intend on doing it."  This sounds simple, but it is not common in this industry.  The auto industry has changed more in the last five years than it did in the last 50, but the common-sense way of working with people and the integrity that they lived by is still the foundation of our success.  I enjoy coming to work every day and working with people that we have built relationships with for generations and I can't think of any career that would offer such reward in my life.  Come in and experience for yourself what the Riley Ford family can do for you. 


    When I'm not living the dream at work you will most likely find me at a hockey rink with my family or in the woods with my thoughts.

    518-846-7131 EXT 135

    I started my sales/finance career in 2011 after graduating with my bachelor's degree from Plattsburgh State. Sales has always been a passion of mine, but it really took off after joining the Riley Ford family as a Sales Manager in 2015. I truly enjoy the excitement created in working to get a customer into the vehicle of their choice. I take to heart our motto of "Making Customers for Life," and treat each customer with respect, dignity, and understanding.


    On a personal note, I married my wife Danielle in September of 2017. We have two dogs, Bauer & Kora that we enjoy spending time with. When I'm not at work or home with my family, you can most likely find me at any local hockey arena.

  • Jon Gravelle
    518-846-7131 Ext. 111

    I bought my first vehicle from Riley Ford in 2006 while I was working at Pfizer in manufacturing. Shortly after that purchase, Pfizer announced the beginning of their shut down and I began working at Momot Trailer Sales to gain sales experience. In 2009 I left there to join the Riley Ford team. I was born, raised, and have lived in Chazy my entire life. I believe that hard work and dedication is the foundation to all success. Riley Ford has one of the most hard-working teams I have been a part of and I am proud to be a member of that team. Every day we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated - with kindness and respect. I am very fortunate to work in the town I grew up in, currently reside in, and to serve the people of the North Country. I am the proud recipient of Ford's Employee Excellence award on six separate occasions, achieving the highest level of this award on four occasions. These awards are earned through the highest customer satisfaction ratings and if given the opportunity to work with you on your next vehicle purchase, I will make you a customer for life.

  • Ryan Roberts
    518-846-7131 EXT 120

    I have spent most of my life around Riley Ford, from visiting with many of my family members who have worked here, and all of the other great staff that I have befriended over the years, to rolling my toy cars around the showroom floor when I was "sick" from school. I have finally joined the sales team part time while pursuing my bachelor's degree at Plattsburgh state. I hope one day to be as well liked, and respected in the industry as my father, and grandfather before me who have left lasting effects on numerous customers and community members.

    518-846-7131 EXT 124

    My name is Jon Gauthier and I have worked at Riley Ford for 20 years. My wife Heather and I raise beef cows and goats, and we produce hay. Our children Eli, age 10 and Aubrey, age 8 love to help out on the family farm too.  

  • Kelly McBreairty
    Service Advisor
    518-846-7131 Ext 115

    Hi, my name is Kelly McBreairty and I have been with Riley Ford since January 2019. I have a beautiful daughter, Addison, who was born in 2020. She is my pride and joy and I love watching her grow into the amazing, courageous little girl. With my loving boyfriend, named Garrett, we live together in Jay, NY and Alburgh, VT. I have been working in Chazy since 2016 and it feels like my second home.  I have been working in sales for more than 10 years and I love every minute of it. I love the chance to be able to educate others on one of their biggest purchases someone can make and ensure their safety is my top priority.

    I am a Service Advisor here at Riley Ford and want you to know I am here for you.  I am eager to build the honest/personable relationships with the Customers to help YOU achieve their future goals.  

    "Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person." 

  • Kyle Hicks
    518-846-7131 EXT 116


    Here is a little something about me; I have had a career in parts for 8 years and the last 5 years have been spent here at Riley Ford. Working here has allowed me to continue doing what I enjoy. I enjoy anything motor related, increasing horsepower, and accessorizing/customizing. This all makes me passionate about my job and the people I get to work with.

    518-846-7131 EXT 126

    I started part-time at Riley Ford in the beginning of 2016, while I was attending the auto collision course at CV-Tech as an adult student while also working as a cook for Bazzano's Pizza. When I finished the course, I started working only here full-time. I have learned so much about how vehicles operate and the auto industry in general and I love the people that I work with. I have been in Ford parts for 5 years now and I enjoy helping customers find the parts that they need to get their vehicles back on the road.

  • Courtney Lingenfelter
    Administative Office Manager
    518-846-7131 EXT 177


    I've started at Riley Ford in December of 2015. I came into this position with a little hesitation due to never working in the auto industry, but I jumped in with both feet and knew I had found my place at Riley Ford. My role at the dealership as Administrative Office Manager allows me to be involved in a bit of everything that goes on and I wouldn't have it any other way.  
    A lot of places can say they will treat you like their own, but having witnessed the generosity and compassion first hand from everyone who works here, I can say that we truly stand behind the saying "Riley Ford Family." 

  • Russ Donah
    Auto Transport