The all new 2017 Ford Edge is strikingly beautiful from at angle. If you're into receiving attention, don't purchase this vehicle. Drivers will make the ultimate statement when pulling up to a date, at the job site, or just cruising around the neighborhood. It's dynamic front grille highlights the vehicle very well as it displays the prominent Blue Oval emblem. The Edge has a much lower profile, but it gives you good clearance height while rolling over speed bumps and driving across bumpy terrain.

Its smooth lines flow perfectly from front to back without any breaks and the deep grooves of the side doors adds depth. The Panoramic Vista Roof is the icing on the cake, as it gives all passengers a picturesque view of the sky. Chrome Accents and Premium Polished Aluminum Wheels seals the deal perfectly. Come on down a take a look for yourself and see why the Edge is the ultimate in style.
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